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Employees win wrongful termination lawsuit against national lab

There are certain grounds that an employee must prove before he or she can successfully claim that his or her termination is unlawful. One such ground is that the fired worker signed a contract that states that he or she can only be terminated for a good reason but the firing seems to be without cause. A wrongful termination also takes place if the worker was fired because of age, ethnicity, marital status, religion or pregnancy. Being terminated as retaliation for filing a claim against the employer for certain types of law violation is also considered an unlawful discharge.

Allegations of wrongful dismissal do not happen in one particular part of the country. Residents in Detroit, Michigan, may have learned that former employees of a national laboratory filed a wrongful termination against their employer and eventually won their lawsuit.

The defendant in the case was the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Five employees filed the lawsuit against their employer. The employees accused their employer of breach of employment contracts, wrongful termination, age discrimination and breach of the implied covenant of good faith. The plaintiffs were longtime employees of the company and all of them were aged 40 or above.

The case started in 2008 after the laboratory laid off 430 employees. Recently, the case was resolved and the plaintiffs received compensation for their past and future economic losses.

Detroit employees may wish to follow the same steps of filing a lawsuit against their employers if they have been terminated for similar reasons. Employees who successfully file a wrongful termination suit can receive compensation for items like lost wages. An employee who plans to file this type of lawsuit may wish to consult with a legal professional who has experience in handling wrongful termination cases.

Source:, "Lab must pay $2.73 million to wrongly fired workers," Aug. 22, 2013

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