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School employees file lawsuit for wrongful termination

There are laws that protect employees from being wronged by their employers. These laws provide workers with the right to voice their concerns regarding employment issues. However, some employers in Detroit, Michigan may have violated these rights. This is evident in reports of wrongful termination and other employee-employer disputes that have been surfacing in Detroit in recent years.

From a similar perspective, two former employees are suing a school in Flint. The lawsuit alleges that the district terminated their positions although they were promised to be retained as contractual employees if they retired and came back to work. The women stated that a district official told them that the state was planning to change the rules pertaining to rehiring retired employees and persuaded them to retire as the district would save money and preserve teaching jobs if they were to return as contractual workers.

Additionally, the women said that they were promised that they could return as contract workers and that they could work in the district as long as they wished. It was also stated that they could hold the consulting position unless they did something wrong that would result in disciplinary action. However, the women claimed that their positions were terminated as a result of the district's retaliation when they decided to have an attorney to review their employment issues. They added that the district refused to consider the women for open positions and also refused to communicate with them.

In this case, the two former school employees may have had their rights violated by their former employers. Readers should remember that in Michigan employees are protected from the employer's retaliation in situations where they voice their employment concerns. That is why employment disputes are supposed to be settled out of court.

However, in cases where a lawsuit is necessary, an employee may wish to consult a legal professional. With the legal professional's help and advice, the dissatisfied employee may receive the suitable compensation to cover damages.

Source:, "Lawsuit: Ex-workers claim Grand Blanc schools persuaded them to retire, broke promises," Gary Ridley, July 13, 2013

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